Tuesday, November 15, 2005

ok, so here's a little more on actualism. note the date. you read it first here. nobody else is digging up stuff about actualism that i know of.

1970's, iowa city, i was there, a bunch of these crazy poets, a little older than me, got together and had an actualist convention. i don't know that much about it. it was a reaction to a poetry scene centered on the writer's workshop there in iowa city, that was a little too cerebral, a little too effete. actualists maintained that you didn't have to have read tons of classics to know good poetry. and they wrote accordingly.

that's what i know. my old friend dave morice, dr. alphabet, used to dress up and do things like write poems off of bridges and off of iowa city's tallest (six-story) building. i don't know if he was an actualist or not....the originator, darrell gray, once said you could be if you wanted to be.

i guess that's all the permission i need.

-more later...

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