Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Dr. Seuss Day at School 

Dr. Seuss Day at School

A fine film of ice hit West Texas one day,
The Monday of Mondays, it was Dr. Seuss Day
The school it was ready, the kids all brought pillows,
Ice covered the trees, even all of the willows

On this West Texas Monday, a plain quiet street
Four kids all got ready, got shoes on their feet
Their mom tried to feed ‘em, their hair she would fixeth
But one little boy went on down twenty sixeth -

‘Cause he just couldn’t wait, from his sisters, he’d run
But when ice on the street cracked, he considered that fun
There was ice on the street, on the curbs, on the walk
With his cracking of ice, dad could scarce hear him talk

But when he got to the school he remembered some toys
That his good friend had lent him, as often do boys,
And he had to go back, cracking ice every minute
At home took his pack, and stuck the toys in it

Now his sisters were ready, their jackets zipped tight
Excited to see the whole world covered white
The oldest one shrieked at the prospect of cracking
The ice on the grass where her brother’d been tracking

Now the three younger kids set out on the ice,
They’d crack it all once then they’d crack it all twice
But the littlest girl would keep falling behind,
And the ice that was cracked was all that she’d find

So she stepped in a puddle, which made her dad yell,
The other kids ran ‘cause they’d heard the first bell
Her feet got all wet, and dad got all worried
The later they got, the harder he hurried

The girl didn’t mind, didn’t falter a bit
For her dad would get mad if she threw a big fit,
Besides at the school they’d be honoring the master
The first bell had just rung so they hurried on faster

When they got there they walked by Thing One and Thing Two,
Down the hall to the classroom, they knew what to do,
The girl was all wet but the teacher just shrugged,
She’d seen it before and knew not to be bugged

The father was grumpy but when he got back
The teen was now ready, his lunch in his sack,
He had to go farther, his bike was too dicey,
So he needed a ride, ‘cause the roads were too icy

Dad scraped the van window which the lad found a bother
He hated to wait, and complained to his father,
He got a big icicle down from the gutter
Which, used as a sword, would make his dad mutter

They started for school, the van sliding on ice
Found no place to park, so went around twice
Then dad came on home to get ready for work,
If it wasn’t for poetry he’d sure go berserk

The sun has gone down on this West Texas street,
The kids were all wet so they dried off their feet
But the dad was inspired by Thing Two’s wacky deco
And came home to write verse in the good doctor’s echo


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