Monday, January 18, 2010

With the new year I've been going through my pockets putting haiku that has collected there, online. I have several places where I put it. It's not much; it's been done, mostly, when stuck in meetings, when giving tests, when standing around. For example, I'll be in a place where I sense they're purposely delaying me as a kind of power trip, like a state office. So I pull out the haiku and start writing on small colored pieces of paper. Invariably I get served more quickly; maybe they're afraid I'm with the press, or I'm judging their service. No- I'm writing haiku.

I choose the haiku format, with seventeen syllables, and two links, for the most part (my innovation) in the vast majority of what I do, which appears here...an opus that includes almost 300 now, but isn't carefully organized. It's uneven; IL has 22, but Hawaii has only one; the least I could do would be to move some of those IL ones out to the neighboring states although they for the most part are doing pretty well too. Alabama is extremely important as it comes first; yet I've been unable to really make that one the showcase, though I do have one for each season, which is my goal for every state. Alaska has six, but they're all summer...so it goes. I need to do research, add wildflowers, and love...

I remain interested in other kinds of haiku, like meta-haiku (below), and have put numerous Carbondale haiku on my Carbondale site...this tends to highlight my local experience, and though some of it could go in the IL file (some already are)- for the most point references are known only to the very local. Still this site leads to all my local haiku which I would like to someday collect into its own place. In this I make no attempt to tie it to location, and in some cases I don't even have kigo...so it goes. But I've stuck religiously to 5-7-5 for the time being, if only because I love how the insistent regularity of 5-7-5 allows you to hear the syllables better for what they are...

I'm also interested in coder's haiku (elsewhere at this site) and total link haiku...but more about that later. And I haven't forgotten the Actualists, and the Actualist reunion, which I hold out as hope for the future...I'm proud to have a site whose title says, essentially, "reference," but which is as earthy and actualist as I can make it...have a good new year, all!

meta haiku

haiku thunderstorm
power, media blackout
kigo clog gutters

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