Tuesday, February 16, 2016

time is flying, and i'm working furiously on the haiku. sometimes six, seven a day, which is a lot, but i've set my goals high: a thousand a year. i want this year's e pluribus to look substantially different from last year's. i don't think i can write a thousand this year; i have maybe five hundred, but only a month to go before publication in late march. but it's consuming me. i think of nothing else.

i have other projects - a tesol presentation coming, a novel in the works, music happening - yet, day in and day out, i write haiku. my head is in a given state - in this case, wisconsin - and, after a while, i get sick of it, and move to some other place where i'm low. each state has at least three new ones. some have very little else. i don't want them to look even remotely similar. it's all i care about.

curiously, i find no shortage of things to write about. the deeper i seek, the more i find; and, almost everything is geographically placed, though i can mess with where it actually happened. if i were totally accurate, i'd have hundreds in iowa and illinois, nothing in delaware, hawaii, south carolina. but i can't do that. i have to represent every state. i have to move some events over into states that are hurting.

i don't worry much about fame or publicity. there isn't time. too much else is going on; for example, my mother died. but, poetry is my escape. in my mind, i'm on some train in wisconsin.

and it's february.

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