Tuesday, May 17, 2005

summer with children

(for Eli)

earnest young fellow
three and a half is old enough
let's make time stand still

(for Eli)

you try my patience
your stubborn contrariness
i love you dearly

(for Corey)

baby burps and sleeps
wakes up now to eat a bit
life is easy, smooth

gather pine needles
pile up fragrant birthday cake
earth stick soul candle

(at the sculpture garden)

huge rusted corkscrew
monument to twisted will
ego augurs breeze

exotic flowers
crowd the aisle, fill me with awe,
boy likes greenhouse hose

on the swing I push
you into the wretched world
learn to pump your legs!

slide wet with morning dew
minutes into sandy years
get your bottom wet!

swing like 3-year-old
dizzying experience
the earth falls away

haiku on stickies
go back into my pocket
folded smudged and gray

coloring book out
parade of diner crayons
waiting for pancake

outside, cardinals
hope I'll share my french fry scraps
they're addicted too

large box, small office
a kid can have lots of fun
perfect hiding place

we argue over tape
i hate to waste a whole roll
this was stuck to me

paper rolled out on floor
child with crayon sprawled on it
get close to picture!

think somebody had been
coloring inside the lines?
upset their world view!

think haiku walking,
every thought with climax,
then resolution...

self-flush urinals
very scary for a kid
avoid at all costs

(sociology blackboard)

Conflict Theory Symbolic

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