Saturday, October 15, 2005

ok, starting today, i'm using this site to make my comments on short poetry. i had put them here at my home creative site, but there is a lot going on creatively these days; i'm considering writing a novel; don't know what to do with the poetry, etc., so, let's back up, and see what we have.

First. 5-7-5 haiku is not dead. american poets can write what they want, the cream will rise to the top. i am a novice but i've just begun, and i love writing in 5-7-5, it forces you to a certain standard, and it makes you in harmony with the trains...i also love linking stuff, am the only one i know of that does link-poetry on a regular basis, though as i've said, it's slowing down as the novel is a longstanding dream. i still find short poetry a powerful way to tolerate, say, a wait in the coffee line.

i have no inclination to draw attention to link poetry at this moment; i'm still busy writing what i consider the first two works of it, e pluribus haiku and boxcars on walnut. these are entirely experimental. they are mostly 5-7-5, sometimes missing a kigo, or at least a clear one...but i have a lot to say, having started the process. link poetry started here...this space remains as its home...i hope i don't ruin it with all this blabbing....

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