Thursday, July 16, 2009

Haiku Quisqueya (poems for the Dominican Republic)

santo domingo
malecon wall braces me
sea brings next june storm

malecon driftwood-
sodden texture, rounded shape-
summer souvenir

from central highway
road to moca beckons us
as at home, we pass

mangos, papayas
slipp'ry as fish in a net
sweet fresh taste of life

dominican rain
makes spirit melancholy
may storms never left

can't dance merengue,
my feet shuffle awkwardly-
her forgiving smile

ubas de playa
out of favor these days, but,
eaten before ripe

off the malecon,
sea crashes on black coral-
dark tales on june morn

oldest in new world,
mossy university-
autonomous, bleak

street of ancient brick
called calle de las damas
street of the women

this plaza's dances
that evil bronze conqueror
has seen every one

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