Thursday, August 28, 2014

My Day, 8-28-2014 

I woke up this morning and got out of bed
my class I was planning so soon in my head
with three cups of coffee and so quickly dressed,
I got the kids lunches but skipped all the rest
I stumbled to town by crossing nineteenth
the traffic so bad, like I'd never seenth
Ten lanes of car drivers all waiting for lights
And me with my laptop demanding my rights

So I got into class and I fired up my Skype
As I've got one fine student of the online-style type
I worried so much it 'bout made me berserk
but it wasn't a problem, it all seemed to work
My student said hi from her home in Ohio
And we started the class and I started to try-oh
We talked about Facebook and Twitter and hashtags
and I felt like these ancient dinosaurus mcGasbags 

But the students were happy and wanted to study
 The media they'd use with their wife and their buddy
Facebook and Twitter, they seemed like such fun
The question was really if YouTube was one
But from out of the silence, the voice from Ohio,
"Yes!" she insisted and told us all why-oh
We'll study them all and why people use 'em
You do what you can 'cause you don't want to lose 'em

When we got to the hashtags my assistant exploded
refused to partake in such tripe so encoded
he didn't mind Facebook but couldn't bear tweeting
with number-signs flying, stupidity fleeting
now everyone even the student online
was wondering what kind of stuff we would find
we all left the class with a marvellous smirk
but I wasn't done, and went back to my work

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