Saturday, December 30, 2017

e pluribus haiku the novel 

OK here's the plan. I've been writing about a thousand a year, three or four a day. I now have a few thousand, from all fifty states and the district, and what they do is make a background. It's very visual, physical, organized by seasons. So, you start out in Alabama and go summer, fall, winter, spring, and then you go to Alaska, that is, until or unless I organize it some other way.

So here's the question: is it possible to superimpose a novel onto this background? A novel, it would be, with a main character, a love interest, a plot, an ongoing story of some kind? Of course it would be possible, and, such a thing could fit into a single book with, say, five thousand. I've begun plotting it out already.

e pluribus haiku 2018, which will have this year's thousand, is already in the works. With all the other crazy stuff in my life - dad in hospice, wife in repair from knee surgery, four kids, uncertain job picture (though I'm technically a sub in the Alamogordo schools) - the one thing I stick with is my haiku; I've been able to write four a night. Last night, for example, it was South Dakota. I write & publish and I try to keep them coming. I have been developing an obsession with Warhol (see picture above) though I've let go of the idea of actually making money. Money schmoney. When it's all over, the money will be gone, but there will still be 5-7-5, all over the place.

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